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Papers On Urban Studies
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How to Fix the Problem of Unemployment in Lawrence, Massachusetts
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This 3 page paper examines Lawrence Massachusetts and makes recommendations on how to revitalize the economy there. Unemployment is the focus of this investigation. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: SA548Law.rtf

How Urban Schools Are Affected By Society
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This 9 page paper looks at urban schools today, their problems and ways in which they have found solutions. Urban life is studied and the effects of modern society are evaluated. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: SA043urb.rtf

Human Services in Charlotte, NC
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A 4 page research paper that briefly discusses human service programs and facilities in Charlotte, North Carolina. The writer discusses programs that provide poor children with school clothes and school supplies, programs for the homeless, the Lesbian and Gay Community Center, and recreational needs, focusing on Latta Plantation. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: khcharhs.rtf

Immigrants and the Faceless City
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A six page paper pointing out the relationship between the loss of regional identity and the modern sense of rootlessness. The paper concludes we should take a cue from immigrants, who typically come to this country intending to both preserve their heritage and put down roots. Bibliography lists five sources.
Filename: KBimmig.wps

Immigration Today
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A 5 page research paper that first of all summarizes the stance of Zhou (2001) on immigration and then offers similar and contrasting positions in a brief literature review. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: khimmto.rtf

Impressions of Las Vegas Nevada: An Objective and Subjective Overview
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A 5 page discussion of the many faces of Las Vegas. When one considers Las Vegas the first thought that comes to mind is almost inevitably that of bright lights and fast lifestyles. It is, equally, however, a city of great decadence and bitter despair. It is a city of great wealth and social depravity, the contrast between the two often resulting in a preponderance of activities which elsewhere are illegal. The author of this paper considers the many issues underlying the glamour of Las Vegas. From her water supply, to her insatiable need for electricity, to her legislative environment, Las Vegas is indeed a city of many contrasts. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: PPlasVeg.rtf

Increasing Business-Related Tourism in Philadelphia
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A 15 page paper assessing factors that tourism promoters in Philadelphia should consider in attempting to increase business-related tourism in that city. The paper discusses the economic benefits of tourism and the need for the local community to be involved in the effort, and presents Las Vegas and Hickory, North Carolina as examples of the benefits of business-related tourism. Ensuring a clean, safe environment is the first step toward attracting greater numbers of business travelers. City planners need to ensure that downtown areas are filled with small service businesses rather than empty storefronts. With the city taking the lead, local hotels may begin forming alliances such as those between otherwise unaffiliated hotels in Las Vegas. The adage, "Success breeds success" survives because of the truth contained within it. Bibliography lists 14 sources.
Filename: KStourPhilly.rtf

Irish Immigration To The United States / 1840 To 1900
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The process of Irish immigrant migration in the United States since the 1900s has resulted in the development of a number of significant Irish communities. This 5 page paper considers the process of Irish immigration and then considers the specific elements of current geographic composition in states like California as a segment of this process. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: Iris1840.wps

Italian Immigrant Communities in San Diego 1840-1950: The National Process of Italian Immigration and the Implications for One Urban Center
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Italian Immigrant Communities in San Diego 1840-1950: The National Process of Italian Immigration and the Implications for One Urban Center: This 25 page paper considers the process of Italian immigration which occurred in the late 19th century and first half of the 20th century and the implications of this process for communities like San Diego. This paper also considers Italian immigration relative to the state of California as a whole and provides comparisons of rural vs. urban communities and the integration of the Italian American population nationwide. Bibliography lists 20 sources. MHitalia.wps
Filename: MHitalia.wps

Jacob's Death & Life of Cities & Philadelphia
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A 5 page research paper that reports on Jane Jacobs' test on urban planning Death & Life of Cities. This report picks 10 chapters from the book and cites briefly what the chapter concerns and then relates this to the city of Philadelphia. No additional sources cited.
Filename: khjjphil.rtf

Jamaican Culture In London
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This 40 page paper looks at the Jamaican community living in London and examines the influence that they have had on the wider community and the way in which that community has effected them. Issues such as the language, racism, schooling, housing, politics, religion and the arts are all discussed with their influence being assessed in both directions. Examples and cases are cited to demonstrate the influences. The paper includes two graphs and cites 19 sources.
Filename: TEjamaca.wps

Jan Brunvand’s Works on Urban Legends, “The Vanishing Hitchhiker” and “The Baby Train”: Development of Changes in Format and Presentation
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This is a 5 page paper discussing the differences found in Brunvand’s “The Vanishing Hitchhiker” and “The Baby Train”. Jan Brunvand’s text “The Vanishing Hitchhiker: American Urban Legends and Their Meanings” (1981) introduced a generation to contemporary American urban legends, their origins, their development, and contained detailed accounts as to the depth of research in understanding the legends. Twelve years later, Brunvand released his fifth volume of urban legends entitled “The Baby Train and Other Lusty Urban Legends” (1993). The format of his presentation in this volume changed somewhat to include shorter narratives and less accompanying explanatory statements about each legend. Instead, Brunvand focused much more on the typing and cross-referencing of the legends contained and on the international contexts many have reached. The reason for this change in format was mostly due to the fact that the field and the interest in urban legends had grown a great deal since his original text and because of this Brunvand was able to contain less explanatory text in regards to the research involved and thus avoid repeating himself and offering instead his readers a chance to see the extent of the field and the extent to which the knowledge of urban legends has reached on an international basis as well as an American one. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: TJBrunv1.rtf

John Kenneth Galbraith's "The Position Of Poverty" And Robert B. Reich's "Why The Rich Are Getting Richer And The Poor, Poorer": Compare/Contrast
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5 pages in length. Within the literary boundaries of John Kenneth Galbraith's "The Position Of Poverty" and Robert B. Reich's "Why The Rich Are Getting Richer And The Poor, Poorer," the reader is given a significantly better understanding as to why there exists such a tremendous separation between rich and poor. While Galbraith cites the curse of capitalism, Reich tends to focus more closely upon the decline in a decently paid workforce, a contrast that effectively distinguishes Reich and Galbraith. Reich notes that major corporations such as AT&T, American Airlines and General Motors – just to name a few – have ceased taking care of their employees, choosing instead to seek out cheap labor as a means by which to fortify even further their already overflowing money pots. By doing so, one can readily surmise that the middle class is slowly but surely being squeezed out as the separation between upper and lower class. The writer compares and contrasts these articles as they are found in Lee A. Jacobus' "A World of Ideas." No additional sources cited.
Filename: TLCrchpr.doc

John Reddie Short's "The Urban Order"
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This 5 page essay discusses John Reddie Short's 1996 book that is also sub-titled An Introduction to Cities, Culture, and Power. Issues examined include the economic evolution of cities, elements that define contemporary urban economies, and the role urban economies play in the larger global economy. No additional sources cited.
Filename: Urbord.doc

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